• ​Fast Interactive and Collaborative DMU Review Tool
    EzStyle is a fast interactive product styling and collaborative review tool which can provide powerful VR interaction and collaboration functions for fast styling review and function demonstration of mock-ups, and improving the quality and efficiency of digital mock-up reviews.

MakeReal3D EzStyle

As a fast interactive digital mockup collaborative review tool, EzStyle provides powerful VR interaction and collaboration functions for the design and review of digital mockups, improving the quality and efficiency of digital mockup reviews, and lowering company R&D costs. It can be widely used in industrial fields of automobile, aircraft, high speed railway, shipping, ordnance, aviation, aerospace, and others.

In the product development process, users can undertake decision support with a quick program visualization by using EzStyle tools, shortening the time for designing and reviewing digital mockups for the product. EzStyle can create high-quality interactive content quickly through the 3D CAD mathematical modelling and enhance multidimensional communication and collaboration in product conceptual design, marketing, and after-sales maintenance with the help of virtual reality.

Product Functions

Online Import

Requires no format conversion

3D data automatic lightweight

LAN online import

Local Import

One key conversion with the major CAD 3D model

Depth lightweight outer model

Intact structure tree of original model

Interactive Content Publishing

One edit, multi-platform release
 Desktop complex virtual reality system

DMU Review

Roaming、Mark、Measurement、Exploded Views

Scene change、Viewpoint switch、Section analysis

Visual Script

Drag and drop script editing

Script library prefabricated of common interaction 
Extensible & editable

VR Peripheral Interface

Compatible mainstream virtual reality peripheral interactive system

 Custom developed special equipment interface

VR Collaborative Editing

Multi-people, distribute & heterogeneous collaboration
Scene editing in VR environment

Physics Engine

High-precision industrial real-time physics engine
Available haptic interaction for force feedback device 


Modeling Design and Review

Using traditional product modelling design, it not only needs a long design cycle, but also cannot completely convey the product function and design concept to other participants since the modelling DMU lacks the interactivity. In view of the above issues, EzStyle proposes a solution of fast interactive modelling collaborative review which can provide powerful functions of VR interaction and collaboration for fast modelling review and function display of mock-up, improving the quality and efficiency of digital mock-up reviews on the basis of basic product modelling design and review, and improving the quality of product design while shortening its development cycle.

  • Materials and lighting management system: photo-realistic real-time rendering; physical real world based materials system; prefabricated professional material library; editable, extensible, global real-time illumination system; and realistic lighting rendering.
  • Visual interactive system: interactive editing and review, supportable visual scripts and complex interactive systems, experience of deep human-computer interaction and fidelity of function.

Fast DMU Review

Due to the deficient VR function of traditional industrial design software, difficulties arises for product designers in data conversion, model repair, model beautification, logic programming, VR hardware interface development, etc., which make DMU review harder and is not conducive for fast iteration and optimization of products design. The features for EzStyle fast DMU review are shown as followed:

  • Fast model import and scene construction: With no need for format conversion, it can obtain one key conversion with the major CAD 3D model and depth automatic lightweight of outer model.
  • Complex VR system: Drive-based management and support for all types of complex virtual reality systems (including CAVE, CADWall, HoloSpace, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, etc.).
  • Immersive DMU Review: Rapidly enable roaming, sectioning, marking, measurement, auto exploded views, scene change, material change, and virtual disassembly in VR environments.

Collaborative Design and Display

With more and more complex functions and structures of products, the division of work in the process of product R&D and manufacturing has become more and more specialized, which brings difficulties to design review and quality risk management of product DMU. The network based collaborative virtual reality environments has proposed a feasible solution for the DMU design of sophisticated product digital under a remote environment.

EzStyle is designed to meet the needs of engineering R&D for complex large-scale industrial products, taking advantage of networks and distributed VR technology to provide users with collaborative design and display heterogeneous, off-site, multi-people, multi-terminal, multi-view solutions. “EzStyle Multi-people collaboration and Solution display” can realize real-time visualization of digital scenes. Different VR systems can be connected and coordinated so collaborators in different areas can review and edit simultaneously and people in different roles can coordinate and make decisions, thereby reducing the capital and time costs in the product R&D process and improving work efficiency significantly.