• Specialized Ergonomics Simulation & Analysis Software
    SoErgo is the first simulation & analysis software specialized in ergonomics applications in China, focusing on application demands of ergonomics simulation and analysis from industrial manufacturing corporation such as aviation and aerospace, national defense, surface transportation, colleges, research institute and etc. 

MakeReal3D SoErgo

SoErgo is an ergonomic simulation and analysis software, independently developed by Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd. and China National Institute of Standardization. It is the first simulation & analysis software specialized in ergonomics applications in China.

Product Functions

China Standardized Digital Human Body

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory of the China National Institute of Standardization is the only entity in China that has the qualification to issue the national anthropometry data. As a long-term strategic partner, Long Teknik has the exclusive possession of the latest version of the national anthropometry data, bringing in a more accurate and authoritative Chinese standard digital human body.

CAD Model Lightweight Import

SoErgo can import data in different CAD formats without any format conversion, conducting lightweight automatically and retaining necessary structural and dimension information. 

VR Peripheral Device Interface

SoErgo supports VRPN (Virtual Reality Peripheral Network) to support mainstream virtual reality devices in the market, including full-body motion capture systems, data gloves, and VR HMDs.

Ergonomics Simulation and Analysis

SoErgo supports various ergonomic simulation and analysis tools. Including, but not limited to: view analysis, reach zone analysis, comfort analysis, work intensity analysis, and work time analysis.


Real-time Digital Human Driving

The improvement in hardware and technology brings us with great convenience while using the software. Taking advantages of VR peripheral devices, we've upgraded the interactive function of the software, making it much easier to use, more efficient, and more realistic.

The motion of the human body is captured through motion capturing devices and data gloves. This data is sent to the software in real time to establish a motion mapping relationship to the digital human, so that the digital human can be driven simultaneously; matching the motion of the operator. Through VR HMDs, the first-person view is what the digital human can see. This kind of display method is more intuitive and convenient.

Hardware-in-the-loop Ergonomics Simulation

The hardware-in-the-loop Ergonomics simulation solution introduces "Physical frame + Virtual reality" system design to help users achieve the collaboration of "Styling Review", "Ergonomics analysis", and "DMU review". The introduction of the physical frame not only leads to a better user experience, but also has an obvious benefit of ergonomics analysis.

In the "Physical frame + Virtual simulation" system, the user can touch what he sees, making the simulation a higher confidence level, and the simulation effect is closer to reality. At the same time, the enhanced touch feedback has greatly improved the interactive experience.

The "Physical frame + Virtual simulation" system uses motion tracking system to mark the devices, frequently interacting with the user in real world to achieve precise matching of devices in virtual world.

The Ergonomics Teaching and Experiment

Ergonomics is a typical practical and interdisciplinary subject, including subjects of anthropometry, biomechanics, cognitive psychology, aesthetics, industrial design, engineering psychology and others. Universities and colleges, as an educating and training institutes, should not only improve students’ theoretical knowledge, but also cultivate students’ practical ability so that they are able to apply the knowledge and abilities taught in class in practice; helping them prepare for job hunting and adapting to the real world.

This solution is to convert the relevant ergonomics theories into practice in a viewable and operational manner. This solution can:

  • By means of VR technology, both software and hardware, organize teaching and train students with practice, driving digital human to do ergonomics simulation and analysis in virtual environment.
  • Combine SoErgo software with equipment and devices to demonstrate research projects and subjects.
  • Assist universities to communicate with peers, cooperate with enterprises, and provide practical platform for students to improve their practical abilities. At the same time, university and enterprise collaboration can also accelerate the innovation and creation process.