Successful Cases

Virtual makes reality. Innovation promotes manufacturing. MakeReal3D demonstrates its value with cases.

MakeReal3D Facilitates High-speed Rail R&D

China's high-speed rail has gone into the world and is transforming from "manufacture products" to "set standards". As a technological enterprise having a foothold on our country and devoting to the whole world, Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Long Teknik) has the privilege to participate in this epoch-making project.

Maintainability Evaluation System of Aviation Industry Group Product

"The implementation of the product maintainability evaluation system has effectively regulated the process of product maintainability simulation analysis; reducing work intensity and preserving large amounts of design experience, which have greatly promoted the product's maintainability."

CAVE Virtual Reality Simulation System of Aerospace Technology Group

The construction and application of the CAVE system have improved the digital design level and scientific research capabilities of our company, which will play a more important role in model development and scientific research production in the future.”

MakeReal3D Pushes Forword the the Digital R&D of Civil Machinery

Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd. and the Gansu Academy of Machinery Science and Technology have reached a strategic cooperation agreement, which marks the beginning of the application of MakeReal3D in the field of civil machinery. 

MakeReal3D assists Maintenance Virtual Design Collaboration of Civil Aviation of China

Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd. and China Civil Aviation University signed a contract and established a cooperative relationship of the procurement project for the VR simulation development software and interactive parts, which marks the beginning of MakeReal3D in the field of civil aviation. 

Application of Aircraft Design in VR Multi-system Cooperation

After a long communication and research of industry technical, AVIC The First Aircraft Institute finally chose the MakeReal3D VR development platform developed by Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd.,